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Blackfish JigsThe Original Tidaltails® " Craggy " Flat Head Blackfish Jig'z

Designed for Straight Drops to the bottom on light to medium spinning, conventional or bait caster gear, using braided or monofilament lines and fluorocarbon leaders. Originally designed for shallow water with light jig's and deeper drops with heavier gear and larger jig'z.

Made in the USA. This is the jig that started it all.


Blackfish JigsThe " Craggy " Banana Head Blackfish Jig
Tautoga onitis

Designed for shallow to mid depths using light to medium spinning or bait casters style gear, with braided or monofilament lines and fluorocarbon leaders. Great pitching jig. Near bridges, breakwaters and pilings. Very popular with Kayak anglers. Using the Tidaltails Blackfish Jig is as simple as this. Add your crab or favorite bait, drop it down, Don't react to the bite lift it slowly. feel the fish, Lift then set the hook. Takes a little to get it and then its all game on!


Blackfish JigsCustom Solid Color Banana Style Live Bait Jig's

Good for fishing jetty's, breakwaters, pilings and pitching into skinny water or straight drops. Off the shore or by boat. Snag resistant jig.
This jig is great and has become a popular jig for Sheepshead, Tog, Seabass and more.
Heavy Duty 2x Black Nickel Hooks - SUPER SHARP.
Powder Coat Finish


BLACK FISH JIGSModified Solid Color Banana Jigs with Ball Collar

Great jig for tying bucktails for Fluke. Or yanking Tog out of the rocks. These were our go to jigs for blackfish prior to introducing our Craggy Flat and Banana Blackfish Jig'z. Good for fishing jetty's breakwaters, pilings and pitching into skinny water and has become popular for Seabass, Sheepshead, Porgy and is great as a live bait jig. All made in the USA by Tidaltails®.

° Available in: Standard 1 and 2 Pack - 10 Pack - and 25 Packs
° Super Strong and Sharp Hooks. Powdercoat Finish

Bottom SweeperTidaltails® Knoby Ball Head Live Bait Jigs

These are our short shank ball head live bait jigs. This jig is great for beginners to Pro's and has become popular for blackfish, seabass, Porgy. and More.

° Available in 2 - 10 - and 25 Packs
° Forged Duritan or 2x Black Nickel Hooks
° Powdercoat Finished. Lots of Colors
°Buy them bare, paint them with your own colors.

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Blackfish Jigs
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